Starting over

Today I decided to get serious about this weight loss.  I’ve talked about doing this for years.  I lose weight and then I gain weight.  Call it what you want…yo yo dieting, the dieting cycle, ups and downs, whatever it is, it isn’t working.  So once again I say:  it’s time to get serious.  I’ve been reading some really great blogs and one thing that is the common factor is when you start on a journey, you will succeed and you will fail.  I know that not everyday will I do great.  Not everyday will I fail.  Some days will be better than others. 

Losing weight is hard.  If it were easy, there’d be no fat people. 

Today, as I put on the only outfit in my closet that doesn’t stretch to maximum capacity, I kept chanting over and over to myself “food is medicine.”  This is a powerful statement that I stumbled upon this weekend.  It makes sense.  God and nature have given us carrots from the ground, apples from the tree and many more good and nutritious foods.  Lay’s potato chips have given me Doritos.  Doritos that are cultivated in a lab, dipped in grease and MSG. 

I made sure to eat a healthy breakfast, I ate a healthy lunch and I exercised on lunch.  It was only for 15 minutes but I did it!  I felt like a She-Ra of a beast too.  It was incredible how alert and awake I felt the rest of the afternoon.  I look forward to doing this for the next few days to record any positive feelings that I encounter with working out on lunch.  I can’t wait to share them!


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