If I had a million dollars…I’d buy thighs that don’t rub together.


I’ve had many people ask me what my goal weight is.  To be honest, I don’t have one.  I’ll tell you one reason why.  I’ve met people who are much thinner than me and they are in worse shape than I am.  Like the lady at the store last week discussing that she has never in her life weighed more than 105 pounds.  And then following her statement up with a wretched smoker’s cough.  “105 pounds you say?  That’s freaking awesome.  Oh and would you like me to scrape your lung off the floor?”, is how I wanted to respond.

When I have endless energy, can walk 5 flights of stairs without heaving for air, fit my ass into jeans from college, and be able to wear corduroy pants without worrying about thigh friction starting a fire – then I will have hit my goal weight.  Regardless of what the scale says.  One way to get there is to move. 

Moving to lose weight doesn’t have to always be structured exercise.  It can be shooting hoops in the driveway, working on landscaping, dancing around the house or mimicking the flight of the bumble bee while cleaning my house before company stops over.  I’ve been making it a point to walk every night for at least 30 minutes.  I didn’t today because I spent over 2 hours cleaning out flower beds, running around aimlessly with a wheel barrow (I’m a myriad of indecision with anything home improvement) and lifting garden bags out to the trash hopper. 

My point is that I’m moving.  More and more.  It’s becoming a habit.  I’m actually craving it.  I had plans one night this week and held off on them because I needed to walk first.  Do you have any idea how huge that is?  Two months ago, that would have never happened.  A big difference has been my Fitbit.


My nutritionist, Kerry Kirk @ Meaningful Wellness, introduced me to the Fitbit.  The Fitbit is a little bracelet you wear that tracks your activity.  It’s like having a nagging, Jazzercise instructor on my wrist that constantly chants “you’re not moving enough, work it girl!”  My Fitbit reminds me that I’m in the situation that I’m currently in (chubby and overly dimpled) because of being sedentary.  I’ve programmed my Fitbit to mark my goal as walking 10,000 steps a day.  And it won’t lie to you.  I’ve asked it to.  I threatened to dump it for a Nike counter but no dice.  The Fitbit shall not bear false witness.  The first few days, I was shocked to see that I was only moving around 2,000 steps a day.  Are you freaking serious?  The first time I hit 10,000 steps, my Fitbit sent me a nice little email congratulating me for making my goal.  I felt amazing.  I kind of broke into a dance.  I like to think of it as the scene from Flashdance, you know, the one where she dances to “She’s a Maniac”, yeah that’s the one. 

Let’s be clear.  Moving more, walking more, being active is not just to lose weight.  It’s a permanent lifestyle change.  I have to do this forever.  I know I’ll still have those days where I’ve eaten too much chocolate or generally hate life (PMS anyone) and plain just don’t want to move my rear off the couch – and that’s ok.  It will happen.  But those days will be the exception, not the rule.  Here’s to happy dances and thighs that don’t rub together. 



2 thoughts on “If I had a million dollars…I’d buy thighs that don’t rub together.

  1. Love your blog!! You are inspiring me to start getting active again. My doctor recently told me that for both me and my daughter’s sake, we need to get more active. My excuse has always been I’m too busy. I’ve decided that’s a load of crap, so here goes….

    • Yes, definitely be an active role model for your girls! I just read an article on the “glorification of being too busy”. I imagined a personal trainer spending a day with me…and finding little pockets throughout the day of when I could stick time in for exercise!

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