How much do I weigh?

None of your business!  Ha!  I have purposefully not revealed my starting weight because I don’t want to.  And this is my party and I’ll withhold my weight if I want to.  Yeah that’s right.  AND, I don’t want to make this a numbers game.  I want to make it a lifelong game.  If I make this a numbers game, once I start really losing the pounds, I’ll decide “hey, I’ve lost 50 pounds, that’s good enough!” and then I’ll stop trying.  I know this because I’ve been there, done that. 

Maybe when I reach a benchmark, I’ll reveal my starting weight but not now.  Numbers don’t impress me.  I work in accounting and have for years, I’m immune to numbers.  They’re just…well, numbers. 


I will certainly still jump on the scale a few times a week because, I am after all, a numbers girl and need to know what’s going on in my body pound wise, but I’m not going to obsess about it. 

Moving on….I’ve come across a few cool ideas, sayings, etc. about fighting the battle of the bulge.  One, make weight loss your hobby.  I like this.  I look at it as a burden.  And I need to look at it as a reality.  Regardless if I was fat or not, I am nearly 40 years old (wait, OMG, I am nearly 40…wth?) I would still have to practice healthy habits. 

I also stumbled upon this crafty idea from the blog Calculating Blessings:

I find this to be absolutely adorable and a constant reminder of how badly I want to fill the hell out of the total pounds lost jar!  I’m not a crafty person and frankly, it’ll probably take me months to actually create this system so I better be able to slam dunk 10 rocks into that pounds lost chump by the time I’ve set these jars up.

Still reeling from the fact that I’m nearly 40.  Dammit.

In my last meeting with my nutritionist, Kerry, we went over my previously stated goals.  Then she emailed them to me as reinforcement.  I bought and hung some poster board and I’m going to print out those goals on some scrapbook paper and hang these goals up in our home office. 

And I bought a new planner.  A jazzy, snazzy kick ass planner.  This thing is so freaking cool, that I think I tinkle myself every time I talk about it.  It’s a Life Planner from Erin Condren.


This planner is the bomb!  I can’t even do it justice it’s so freaking awesome.  I’m currently reading a fan-tab-u-lous book called The Art of Extreme Self-Care (I’ll dedicate an entry to this book later) and the one chapter that I’m stuck on deals with routines.  Now what kind of plan to implement routines can be done without a kick ass planner?  Can I get a hell yeah ladies?  This planner can be used for exercise tracking, appointments, meal planning, scribbling notes, and if I slip into MacGyver mode, a makeshift treadmill!  Kidding. 

Crafts, routines, continued weight loss journey and tinkling myself.  That’s about enough for today’s entry.  One more thing!  Do you have a motivating/favorite phrase/quote that you’d like to leave for me and my large fan base?  I’d love to hear it!  Submit it below in the comments feed!




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