Water! Water! Water!

Water.  Nothing is more important or vital to our very existence.  We need water.  We have to have it.  According to Livestrong, water is needed for digestion, hydration, headache prevention, weight loss, toxin removal, healthy skin, healthy teeth and energy.  If you peruse other websites, they’ll tell you the same thing and more.  If you’re looking to lay the foundation for weight loss/nutrition, water is it.  

I asked my doctor how much water should I drink and he said “just drink it until your pee is clear.”  Pure and simple.  He followed up with what is enough for one person, isn’t necessarily enough for the next so there’s no set amount that you should drink as far as ounces.  Makes sense, sounds easy.  But hold up, even though I know water is wonderful for me, I find it the dullest, most uneventful drink in the world.  I admire its clarity, its fluid ooziness, its promises of clear skin and flushing junk out of my body but come on water, can’t you give me a little somethin’ somethin’ in the form of taste? 

The only way that I can drink all the water that I’m supposed to drink is if it’s bottled.  Bottled water, you shriek?  I know right!  I don’t understand it either but I know if it’s not bottled and not constantly sitting right in front of me, I won’t drink it.  And it has to be pure, unadulterated water.  I don’t like the flavored waters, mainly because I can’t tolerate the artificial sweeteners.  They really jack me up and they’re not good for you anyways.  And yes I know neither is water encased in plastic.  (As a hippie, let me assure you that ALL of my used water bottles get recycled.)  I hate that the only way that I can accomplish my water consumption goal is if I drink it out of a plastic bottle but that’s where I’m at.  It’s on my list of goals to change that mindset!

If you’re like me and struggle to drink water, here are a few tips/tricks/water consumption temptresses that I’ve discovered:

  • Get a pitcher of water and stuff it with fruit, any kind, peaches, kiwi, strawberries, etc.  This will add natural and beneficial flavoring to your water.
  • Add lemon or lemon flavored packets (one which I’ve just discovered is a product called True Lemon that is sweetened using the tiniest bit of sugar and a natural sweetener Stevia)
  • Use the water flavoring drops that can be found in stores, i.e. Crystal Lite, Dasani, or MiO (I can’t vouch for any of these because I avoid artificial sweeteners due to headaches) 
  • Don’t go anywhere without water in your hand, carry it everywhere if possible
  • Set a goal to drink at least 8 ozs of water once every hour that you’re awake
  • Another goal is to reward yourself with a treat once you’ve accomplished your water drinking goal for the day (I heavily favor this idea because I’m all about food and you better freaking believe my reward will be some type of food)
  • Let’s not forget the benefits of the physical activity that comes along with chugging the proper amount of water:  running to the bathroom every 15 minutes to pee (This was never an issue for me until the past year where I swear my bladder has shrunken to the size of a grape.  I’ve actually had to institute a rule to my bladder:  okay bladder, if you’re a good girl and don’t make me wiggle in my chair during this meeting, I promise I’ll drain you once every hour today but if you make me scoot around in my chair or run out of that meeting like I’m on fire, oooh girl, I will drown your ass in Coke!) 

Now I know some people who are predisposed to loving water.  I’ve talked to several people lately who say “Oh my, how can you not like water?  I’m totally addicted!”  Of course, it never fails, these people have the best skin, their teeth look great, and they never have that dried, white skin in the corner of their mouths that comes with being dehydrated. 

Let’s talk a little about dehydration.  According to the Mayo Clinic, the following symptoms occur from dehydration: dry skin, headaches, constipation and dizziness.  Those are just the mild side effects.  The more serious side effects range from fever to delirium!  Now I don’t know about you but I’m a big enough goofball without throwing dizziness or delirium into the ring.  Although, it would give me a great alibi…no, no, not worth it.

One side effect not mentioned, but is extremely serious, and results in an unsightly, anti-mating call reaction:  cankles.  Yep, if you don’t take in enough water, your body starts to hang onto fluid resulting in water retention.  This is sockless, capri wearing, anklet modeling season, who the eff wants cankles at a time like this?!? 



Do you struggle with drinking water or does it come naturally for you? Tell us how you do it!




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