Let’s Dance!

This week it hit me.  Low back pain.  And it hit me hard.  Tuesday evening I decided to tackle some landscaping.  I dug up some dirt, plopped some plants in and threw down some mulch.  Sounds easy enough.  An hour later, I could barely walk. 

Now I’m no stranger to back pain.  About 10 years ago, it was discovered that I had four herniated discs and they were pushing on some nerves.  So I had surgery.  This did nothing.  After awhile, the nerves just kind of went dull.  Every now and then they wake up and remind me they are still there.  Even with having back issues, being overweight and out of shape, I rarely have back pain.  Unless I get super mad, then those back muscles tense up and eureka, I have pain in a Zeus just hit me in the ass with a thunderbolt kinda way.  However, this week has been horrible, nearly intolerable.  I’m not afraid of pain, I don’t sit around and say “ugh, my back hurts too much to do that.”  I decided I was going to work that back pain right out of there. 

I decided to do some lifting but could tell that I was just tensing up and making it worse.  Then I thought I’d do some stretching but felt my muscles tensing up again.  By Thursday, I was walking so crooked, and hunched, I looked ridiculous.  I kept doing some stretches that didn’t involve laying on the floor because my back just won’t have that nonsense and I had an epiphany, due to that sedentary lifestyle I led for so long, I have absolutely no flexibility in my back muscles.  They are so full of tightness, tension and what I believe to be toxic build up in my muscles that those muscles just won’t tolerate any out of the ordinary movement.

I really started hitting the water.  I also looked up some recipes with all veggie ingredients because my muscles are screaming for more nourishment.  Lastly, I turned to my buddy You Tube and looked up some videos for back pain – when it hit me – why not try dancing?  Dancing will loosen up muscles while making them all toasty and warm!

I found a great video Dancing for Beginners for Dummies.  Trying this video showed me just how rigid my body is.  As I tried to mimic the fluidity of the instructor’s movements, I wound up looking like Howdy Doody trying to do the twist. 

Now, I like to dance, in fact I love to dance – in a non-public, all curtains closed, without any witnesses kind of way.  I dance around the house all the time but when I see things shaking on the shelves around the house, it’s a little discouraging but I still do it.  So I danced to that video.  For 40 solid minutes, sweat pouring down my face, hair drenched, dogs looking at me like what the hell is she doing now and me thinking I just stole the Soul Train dance floor.  It flew by!  And I loved it!  I had so much energy afterwards too.  I even forgot about my back pain.  Yup, my seizure like movements had warmed up the muscles enough to release some of that stiffness and I felt great. 

So I’m going to embrace this new Dance Fever that I have.  Tonight, I did the mambo.  And failed miserably.  Tomorrow I’m going to try one of Julianne Hough’s online workouts and look absolutely ridiculous doing it.  However, nothing will ever look as bad as my venture into yoga did…but that’s for another post.

Howdy is signing off for now – and taking her tired Doody to bed.  That’s all for now kids!


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