Check, check, check

No pop…check
Washed makeup off…check
Cooked dinner…check

All of the above represent areas that I am lacking in. And I did them all tonight. Now if I can just keep this streak rolling for the rest of my life, I’m good. Oy.

Not long ago, I spoke with a lady who is a health nut. I asked her how she juggled taking care of her body, a career and housework.  She chuckled and said “housework fell by the wayside years ago, it fits in when it fits in.”  That statement was huge to me. it may sound silly but that statement took so much pressure off me.  I immediately thought you mean, I don’t have to be perfect? 

Just so you all know, the stars will not align like this for me every night. I will never have a check off list like the one above every night. I’d be thrilled if I could do it two nights in a row, frankly.

My big focus right now is the exercise. I have to exercise. There’s no bones about it. My knees are hurting lately. A lot. And it’s from being overweight.  Chips aren’t worth it. But, oh sista, I AM WORTH IT. I am worth 30 minutes of gut wrenching,  booty jiggling, muscle aching exercise. And by this time next year, throw a quarter at me. Then stand back in amazement when that coin catapults off my butt cheeks like a monkey on a trampoline. Which I’ve never witnessed but imagine to be pretty flippin’ amazing. Kind of like my derrière will be. Hooyah.

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