My name is Heather…and I’m a pop-aholic.

Two weeks ago, I decided I would allow myself to only indulge in one can of pop a day – if I drink all my water. The first few days, I had not drank all my water, so no pop. (I’m gunning for 80 ozs. of water/day by the way.)

I decided, I can do this, I can quit drinking pop cold turkey. In two weeks, I have noticed the following: my skin feels better, I’m super thirsty for water, no late night cravings for carb rich foods (chips and Skittles were my go tos), and I’m not sluggish by 6pm. And, since I’m nearing 40, my bladder doesn’t hold as much, so I burn about 11,000 calories a day running to pee every 10 minutes. Nature’s cardio I suppose.

The first week of no pop, I lost 5 pounds. Quitting pop was the only change I had made. I had probably been eating less, because I didn’t have near the food cravings.

On week 2, I exercised, cooked meals at home, and ate lots of veggies. I weigh in tomorrow so I’m a little eager to see if I’ve lost anything. 

If I don’t lose anything, I promise that I won’t have a meltdown like I did last week in a store fitting room over the fashion industry’s lack of universal pant sizes. And who the hell decides that skinny jeans belong in the plus size section? I mean really. I unknowingly grabbed a pair and looked like someone trying to cram themselves into a Go-gurt tube.

That’s enough for tonight. I’m out of time. I have another 20 ozs. of water to drink which converts to 40 laps to the bathroom for pee time.

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