Bicycle seats

What is it with bicycle seats? At the store, they look cushy and gushy but when you get them home they’ve suddenly become filled with spikes and barbed wire.

My ass is certainly well padded to tolerate a steel beam meshed tightly into my cheeks…or so I thought. Somehow this piece of barbarism has found my gluteus boneus’s and it kills. And the post mortem wedgie that follows – aye carumba! I swear I can feel my underwear in my throat!

It’s not enough that my cheeks overlap this seat and flap in the breeze when riding along but now I’m clenching my cheeks (all 4 of them) resulting in a pained constipated look. And Lance Armstrong has been faulted for juicing in this sport? I’m willing to bet that I know right where those steroid injections went. Straight into his butt cheeks!

Signing off…with one hand and picking a wedgie with another!

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