When Pinterest dies

My Pinterest app died. Shit just got real. As in, I’ll have to put my phone down and do real shit.

I’ve truly been pretty busy today. Tackled a plumbing issue, cleaned up some mold under the sink, and then headed out for landscaping.

We have a beautiful yard at our beautiful home in our beautiful neighborhood.  Which means we have a beautiful mortgage and have to do our own landscaping.  I love to do landscaping. In May. By July, not so much. Maybe because July in Ohio means 95 degree heat with 95% humidity. Working outside for 2 minutes in that heat results in melted makeup, frizzed hair and overactive sweat glands. Not gonna lie, it’s sexy.

And we have an issue with Canada thistle that makes me drop f bombs every single time I’m outside. I really hate effin thistle. I sprayed it with Roundup last year. It laughed at me. This year, oh yes, this is the year. That thistle is going to cook alive in a chemically laden wave of death.

Signing off for now. Have to finish edging!

It’s polite to lie

I ran into someone who knows someone I know. This mutual “friend” of ours is a person whom I do not like. And so it begins. Person 1 goes on and on about what a good person MF (mutual friend , I’m aware of the MF irony) is and how MF is just so kind…yada yada yada. I’m smiling, nodding in agreement the whole time. Then Person 1 says “MF is the most beautiful,  I mean the most breathtakingly beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I hate being put on the spot with shit like that. I’m a pretty honest person. I don’t like to bullshit, beat around the bush or stand idly by while someone speaks favorbly about a rotten person…but sometimes it has to be done. So, through clenched teeth, I nodded yes and smiled.

Then I came home and bitched to The Hubs about it. And now I’m posting on my blog about it because that’s the kind of passive aggressive action that was necessary for that conversation. For the record, MF could look like Selma Hayek and I’d still find her ugly because inside, she’s an asswad but I digress.