A royal pain in the back

I injured my back…again.  I’m actually going to listen to the doctors this time. I have done this in the past but I’m reminded that I’m out of shape and no longer under 30, requiring me to listen and heal properly.

I’m on bedrest and good gods am I bored. I’ve downloaded apps, deleted them, played memory exercise games (because I’ve diagnosed myself as pre-dementia) and am fighting the urge to buy anything and everything from Amazon.

The best app I’ve downloaded is one where I paste my picture and then try on different hairstyles. Note to self: I can rock that Miley Cyrus / Billy Idol knockoff haircut and dreadlocks are not for me.

When it’s determined that it’s safe for me to be active again, I’m joining a gym and jump starting a plan once again. This is my thousandth wake up call but I believe it is absolutely the one I needed.

What was your aha moment to inspire your weight loss?