Be Consistent

I recently had two of my readers tell me that I need to post more. And to post consistently.  Alright. If I must, I must.

I finally joined a gym. I’ve been swimming and I love it. My bottom half seems to sink quicker than it did 20 years ago. Oh that’s right. My bottom half is bigger.

I’ve been lifting weights. That I do not enjoy. Because every time I get off the weight machine, I have a well embedded wedgie. And then I have to pick it or walk like a penguin to the next machine. Also, some of these arm machines are positioned height wise so that my boobs hang over the arm prop so at first glance, it would appear that I’m there to tone four well defined biceps.

I finally tried the elliptical. I meant to only use it for 5 minutes but used it for 22. Mainly because I couldn’t figure out how the hell to get off of it. That also came with a wedgie. And my feet fell asleep on it. Needless to say I left the workout area walking with my feet plopping flatly on the ground. And also walking like a penguin because at that point I was too freaking tired to pick one more wedgie.

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