A smelly good home

Am I the only person obsessed with making their house smell good? Of course I know I’m not. Candles and air freshener are a multi billion dollar business. All I want is a home you walk into that smells like fresh baked apple pie and I want it to be from non-toxic, all natural, non sprayable, no need to refill, never ending and cheap sources.

Owning two dogs has made me really paranoid about how our house presents itself in the aromatherapy arena. Does it smell like “oh hang on while I cool down this fresh baked pie” or does it smell like “ooof, is that the smell of fresh baked foot fungus”?

I currently have my Scentsy burner at work, doTERRA homemade air freshener in the bathroom and an apple cinnamon candle in the kitchen. It either smells great or like a Disney film threw up.

Gotta go, the EPA is at my door.

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