Turning 40

I turned 40 this past week. Wahoo. Yee haw. Pbbbbt. It was just another day. No ruthless fairies came and stole my youth. I didn’t wake up with wrinkles and liver spots. Although, I am bitch slapped by this number every time I have to check the age box on a form…it’s the next category down.

I made it through ok. However, I did issue an Amber Alert for my 30s. Seriously, where in the hell did my 30s go?!?  It seems like it wasn’t long ago that I was refusing to celebrate my 30th birthday. 

Isn’t it funny how age changes us? When I was a kid, I’d eyeroll at the conversations I’d hear my mom having when she’d run into a friend at the store. I thought it would be an eternity before I’d ever worry about the things these “old people” talked about.

Now conversations with my friends consist of worries over heart disease, hormones, retirement funds, and housework.  Throw in my phobia of Alzheimer’s and I’ve just captured the essence of ALL my conversations. 

Now I’m off to meal plan for this week. Meal plan for easy digestion, low sugar, heart friendly meals that won’t break the bank because I really need to save for retirement. 

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