Day 2 and 3 – Whole 30:  Bonzai Danielson! 

I tried to post last night about Day 2 but Facebook wouldn’t allow it and I was too tired to try again. Day 2 left me feeling blah. I was drained physically, emotionally and hungry. Remember in Apollo 13 when the guy says he’s so hungry, he could eat the ass off a dead rhinoceros?  I could identify with his plight. And…I broke down and cheated in the form of a cake pop. It was the hubs’ birthday and he looked so sad and lonely eating his lil cake pop by himself. He insisted he was fine (I could tell it was denial, he needed me to eat that sugar).  It so wasn’t worth it. The satisfaction was fleeting and replaced by guilt. And I was still hungry. I crashed out early. I was exhausted.  

That brings me to today, Day 3. I feel pretty good! I wasn’t hungry all day and made myself eat lunch. A quick trip to Wal Mart ruined all that. I walked by the in store Subway. As they were baking bread. I was suddenly Nancy Kerrigan on the floor screaming why, why, why. 

At Wal Mart,  I found some sausage I can have and LaraBars!  Honestly, if I hadn’t found those LaraBars, y’all would be reading Yahoo about the woman who catapulted herself over the Subway counter and punched a bread oven while yelling “bonzai Danielson!”.  Crisis averted. I don’t know who Lara is but damnnn girl, your bars are good. And kept me out of prison! 

I wouldn’t say the suffering has been suffering. I’ve been on far more restrictive diets and done more degrading things for carbs. But then again, it’s only Day 3😉

Let this tie you over until tomorrow…

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