Whole 30 Day 9 – I’m hungry. What’re you looking at? 

It is Day 9. According to Whole 30, by day 10 and 11, you are most likely to quit. I can see why. I’m hungry. And if you even tell me to drink more water, I’m going to punch you in the face. 

I’m tired.  But it’s fall and getting darker early but I’d rather blame the fact that I could be shot gunning candy corn right now. Omg. The sugar. It’s all I want. And it’s Halloween so it’s freaking everywhere. 

Why is there no damn acceptable form of chocolate? SOMEONE INVENT APPROVED CHOCOLATE! 

There’s a Halloween parade in my town right now and I didn’t go because I had visions of myself beating a Teletubby to death with his own bag of Tootsie Rolls. 

Gotta go. Need to spank a Larabar. 

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