Day 14 – Whole 30: You can’t handle the truth.

I’m halfway done.  I could look at this as I’m only halfway done or yeehaw, I’m halfway done.  Yeah, I’m only halfway done.  I’m at a point where my chipper attitude towards this new plan has gone down the drain.  I want to be done.  I’m sick of reading the ingredients of everything I want to eat.  I’m tired of getting excited that I’ve found an approved bbq sauce only to find sugar on the list.

So I told y’all that I had a health issue that went away.  Which is great.  It makes me happy.  But other than that, I do not see a difference.  Don’t forget, this is an honest, unapologetic review of my experience and I’m not going to lie.  My clothes are not any looser.  I don’t look any different.  I feel moody, irritable, annoyed that I can’t eat pizza and chips and omg, I’m screaming to try that Reese’s peanut butter cup coffee creamer.  And today, at the grocery store, I smacked the hubs because he pointed out Deep Fried Twinkies to me in frozen foods.

I am eating a ton of veggies.  Know what’s bad about having to eat so many veggies?  You have to keep fresh veggies in the house which means going to the grocery store often.  There are few things in this world that I abhor more than grocery shopping.

I checked in with my Whole 30 buddy S.  S is not struggling at all.  In fact, she doesn’t see what the big deal is.  I remind myself, S is younger than me, thinner than me, and ate a whole lot better than I did.  But for me, the FREAKING STRUGGLE IS REAL!

Here is S.  Enjoying her Whole 30 experience.

And here’s me.  Picture it:  Woman on diet in 2017.

I went through this crazy sugar craving stage.  Then, I went through a dairy stage.  Now I’m back to I just want to eat everything stage.  I’m hanging on because I need to prove to myself that I can do it.  I really do not find myself just plain hungry.  I find myself pouting because I’m not eating what I really want to eat.  And I’ve discovered some recipes that are really good.  And I guess I do get a certain satisfaction of creating a 5 ingredient home cooked meal as opposed to something frozen that looks like the chem team at NASA developed the ingredients.

I have 16 more days left.  16 more days to endure what I can’t have.  16 more days of living off of home cooked, freshly prepared, wholesome ingredient foods.  But as God as my witness, in that 16 days if there is a food breakthrough of kale that tastes like candy corn,  you’ll find me in produce doing this:

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