Day 18 – Whole 30:  Sugar and cocaine

I recently read an article that said sugar impacts your brain in the same way that cocaine does and is just as addictive.  I believe it.  I have had fits of sugar cravings. Picture a grown ass woman curled up in the fetal position because everyone else gets to eat candy and she can’t.  It’s kind of a daily occurrence.  

In further news, S has been struggling with chocolate cravings. Today she confided her desperate struggle to me. Total role reversal.  I became the one telling her to get it together.  I’m pretty sure she flipped me off. Now don’t think I wasn’t tempted to tell her to blow it because that meant I could blow this off too and eat everything I could get my hands on. But she stayed strong and guaranteed me that she’s going to hang in there. 

I have noticed that I am sleeping better.  And we’re saving money from not eating out. And… the hubs said he is loving all this home cooking. I also feel like I have more energy in the evenings. In fact, I exercised last night because I couldn’t sit still. Both my dogs paced as if they were witnessing some strange phenomenon in which the treat lady finally pried her butt cheeks from the couch. 

Gotta go. Eat more celery.  

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