Day 24 – Whole 30:  I’ve got this!  

I’m in the home stretch baby cakes!  Six days left to go. These past 5 days have been rough, ahem, digestively.  I knew it would hit me. When you eat garbage every day for months at a stretch and then jump into healthy eating, your body starts releasing all that pent up junk. And as soon as it releases it, your gut wants it out of there. And there she blows matey. 

I was so sick on Monday that I couldn’t go to work. Because, frankly, no one wants to walk up to their boss and say, “hey, I just sneezed so I have to go home and change my pants.”  I say this not to discourage anyone.  This has been worth it. I’m seeing real change. Today, several people asked me if I was losing weight. I say it to tell you to take this into consideration. 

My buddy S told me that she has lost her desire to drink pop and eat chocolate. And she also received some great health news as well! 

My sugar cravings have also started to subside. And they were bad. I was so stressed and uber bitchy from sugar withdrawal that I caught the hubs in a corner of the kitchen eating chips because he was afraid I’d junk punch him. But I’ve got this. I’m not afraid. I did have a Day 31 celebratory gorge fest planned but now I don’t care to eat any of that junk. 

Not that I’m not (double negative, you’re welcome) looking forward to eating nachos someday but I’m going to be looking for veggie loaded nacho recipes. 

Gotta go.  My baby carrots need this mama! 

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