Day 31 – Whole 30: Whoomp!  There it is! 

I did it! I ate clean, healthy, homecooked fully compliant Whole 30 foods for 30 days. I freaking did it! I never believed that I could do it. And that means that today, I was allowed to weigh in. 

And…drumroll…I lost 20 pounds. In 30 days. Holy crapballs Batman! I also just took a bite of chocolate and it tastes not good. 

Let’s be frank and talk about how different I feel than 31 days ago. My clothes are bigger. In fact, I had to dig out smaller clothes because my butt was hanging down past my knees. And the penguin look is so 1988. 

My hair stopped falling out, my skin looks better, my cankles disappeared, my blood pressure dropped 30 points, sugar cravings disappeared and I no longer desire potato chips. And let me tell ya people, I used to Hoover potato chips like a mofo. 

Honestly, I feel effing amazing. The only issue I’ve had is with digestion. It’s getting better. It was pretty bad there for a week solid but my body has just undergone a huge change.  My system has been subjected to an entirely new frenzy of ingredients.  It’s learning what to do with carrot infused marinara sauce as opposed to that not so secret sauce from a Big Mac. 

My diet buddy S also feels amazing. We are going to a slightly modified Whole 30 (meh, more Paleo than Whole 30) from now until the new year. Then January 2, we’ll start a new round. 

I NEVER, EVER want to eat like I did before. I want to keep this new me.  Because I’m worth it.  And because I feel so freaking amazing!  

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