Christmas Superfreak

I am crazy about Christmas…and that’s an understatement. Think of Scooby Doo when he is so hungry and spots a Scooby snack. That’s me when I get to take out the Christmas decorations. 

Growing up, everyone was super busy. But when that magical time of year came around, our energy became focused on attending church programs, family gatherings, practicing for school concerts and everything felt so peaceful. I find the older I get, the more nostalgic I get for the days of yesteryear. 

No no, not for the fashion aspects of my childhood. Although, I could rock a Garanimals outfit like a mutha. I miss the crazy family gatherings. I miss my grandma’s scalloped potatoes. And dammit, I miss flipping through the Sears Christmas Wish Book.  

I miss the simpler times. You know, the times when riots weren’t started over cashiers saying happy holidays or debates over the coffee cup at Starbucks. Of course, the simpler times also meant going to the store to pick up gifts. As opposed to ordering them off an app, then staking out your front door to intercept your Amazon deliveries so they’re not stolen off your porch. All I know is this is the most magical time of year to me. 

And, yes, I know the real reason for Christmas. I’ve watched the Charlie Brown Christmas Special and know all about itūüėČ