When Pinterest dies

My Pinterest app died. Shit just got real. As in, I’ll have to put my phone down and do real shit.

I’ve truly been pretty busy today. Tackled a plumbing issue, cleaned up some mold under the sink, and then headed out for landscaping.

We have a beautiful yard at our beautiful home in our beautiful neighborhood.  Which means we have a beautiful mortgage and have to do our own landscaping.  I love to do landscaping. In May. By July, not so much. Maybe because July in Ohio means 95 degree heat with 95% humidity. Working outside for 2 minutes in that heat results in melted makeup, frizzed hair and overactive sweat glands. Not gonna lie, it’s sexy.

And we have an issue with Canada thistle that makes me drop f bombs every single time I’m outside. I really hate effin thistle. I sprayed it with Roundup last year. It laughed at me. This year, oh yes, this is the year. That thistle is going to cook alive in a chemically laden wave of death.

Signing off for now. Have to finish edging!

On the road, again

Tomorrow I start yet another diet. I’m starting with small goals. Drink lots of water, eat all my veggies, daily exercise, and don’t eat a skinny person if I become totally desperate for a snack.

It sounds so simple when I lay it out like that. And it could be, if only I didn’t push my goals out of my mind all in the name of chips and caramel saturated anything.

Getting healthy will be number one goal for a very long time. It will be my focus, my obsession and my caramel;)  I’m nearing 40. No more games. No more if only I could fit in that moments. 

Tonight I watched an interview with Amy van Dyken. She’s an Olympic athlete who has recently been paralyzed due to an auto accident. She works her ass off trying to regain her ability to walk. She believes she will walk again, she WANTS to walk again. So as I sit here on my ass, with my two good legs sitting idle, I will let the tears of Amy van Dyken guilt trip me into getting my dimpled ass cheeks on a regimen.

What’s your 2015 fitness regimen look like?