Organized needs to be cute

I’m trying to develop structure in my life.  Last week, due to long working hours, I had a very unstructured week.  To be honest, I’ve been living an unstructured life for years and it’s helped me to achieve many goals – thighs that rub together and nearly passing out within the first mile of a 5K included.  I’m always looking out for new ways to be organized.  Being healthy also needs organization.  However, in order for organization to work for me, it needs to be cute.  You cannot throw an excel sheet at me and say “here’s your structure super chunk, have at it.”  It needs to be girlie.  Colorful.  Posh.  Over the top school spirit, head cheerleader cute.  The kind of cute that makes tomboys want to throat punch me cute. 

The following tends to happen to me every night:  I get home from work, we have no groceries to put together a decent meal, we sit and debate/discuss where to get dinner from, we pick up our takeout, eat and bam, it’s now bedtime.  See what happens here?  If I had planned my meals ahead OR had done my weekly dinner prep on Sundays like so many of you suggested on a previous post, the entire issue could have been diverted and I would have been able to accomplish much more.  Instead, I picked up dinner, ate, burped a little and then went to bed. 

I need to meal plan and organize my evenings.  But how do I do that if I don’t have the proper pastel colored tools of motivation?  Barbie, Skipper, Ken – I need your beached blonde 80s bods over here stat!  If I have something cute and enviable, I’ll not only do this, I’ll want to do this.   So I googled some templates and I found that there are some cute templates on Excel.  The Excel that I’ve had loaded on my computer for years.   Well ain’t that just a kick in the crotch.  I’m quickly running out of excuses to get my act together.  The templates that I found are bland, non exciting and desperately need to be color enhanced.  However, I am the Tim Gunn of designing a cute Excel sheet so I went to work and printed off daily schedules for my evenings and meal planners.  For those of you that have Excel, here are some instructions on how to create these in their original format because I respect accept that not everyone has the same desire to be all rainbow and unicorns like me (whatevs) so here you go. 

Open Excel -> click file, then new -> for the newer versions of Excel, a box will pop up for you to search templates (not sure about the older one because this is 2014 and I can’t remember what was being offered beyond 4 years ago) -> type in meal planner or daily planner or whatever is pressing on your dear little heart and prepare to be amazed.  In the future, I’ll post a link to what I’ve created…once I can link to Pay Pal and charge you for them…kidding kidding.  But for some reason, it won’t allow me to link to them right now.   

I used my printed day planner all day today and it came in handy for reminders – pick up my prescription that the pharmacy has called me about for 2 (maybe 4) days, mail my bills that have been in my purse for awhile (even the ones with cobwebs) and to make a blog entry about my glam-o-rama planners. 

What type of system do you use for meal planning and keeping yourself at task? 

I’m hungry…so why are my #@!%& pants still tight?


Anyone who has ever dieted has been there.  You’re exercising like a banshee, you’re making your body do movements it hasn’t seen in 15 years, you’re living on watercress and freaking lettuce roll ups and after three weeks of this hell, you’ve lost five pounds and you’re still struggling to get into your jeans.  What gives?!?  So I asked my doctor, “yo doctor, what gives?”  (I become philosophical when speaking to my doctor, so try to keep up with the lingo).  His answer was simple:  the body doesn’t like change. 

I have spent years teaching my body that it needs 3,000-5,000 calories a day.  And French fries.  And nacho cheese.  And everything else that shouldn’t pass through my liver.  Now I’m changing it up and my body is wondering what the hell happened.  I have trained my body to believe that it has to keep me alive by processing this crap in a bowl and now I’m throwing spinach, baby carrots, and zucchini at it and it doesn’t know what to make of it.  But it will learn.  It has to start over.  That’s the price I pay for the abuse I’ve put my body through.  Let this be a lesson kiddos.  If you live on Mt. Dew and Twizzlers or whatever junk is kiddy crack these days – you will pay the price. 

I’m still following the motto “food is medicine.”  It is making a huge difference when I make my meal choices.  When I’m faced with options such as fried chicken or oriental chicken salad…I take that salad because my body needs the nutrients that come from that salad.  It wants to bend that salad over and show it who its daddy is – yeah, take that spinach and kale, can you feel it baby!!!  Say my name punk!  I am a wholehearted spinach junky and my nutritionist said that is common when you start eating well, you awaken deficiencies and pretty soon, you’re craving good eats! 


Another mission of mine is to get better at meal planning.  I don’t always make the best choices because I’m always eating dinner on the fly so I’m looking for ideas on how to make meal planning attractive so that it seduces me into wanting to meal plan.  The hubs did comment the other day that he doesn’t mind that I’m not the best housekeeper but he would like me to cook more.  I promised him I’d work on that.  Dammit.  Sometimes I speak without thinking;)

How do you meal plan?  What are your secrets to making dinner time an organized mission so that your family eats healthy?